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Brown Spots

Laser treatments are a safe effective way of eliminating pigmented lesions on the skin. An intense beam of light is absorbed by the pigmented lesion causing destruction by heating the pigmented cells while leaving healthy cells intact. Brown spots or age spots can often be eradicated with only one treatment. Healing time for the treated area is normally seven to ten days. The healed skin is initially pink but regains pigmentation and blends into the surrounding skin.


How does the brown spot treatment work?

A focused laser light is absorbed by the darkened pigments in the targeted spot. The pigmented lesion will darken immediately after treatment. A crusting will form over the lesion and then fade away within 6 weeks.


Who is a good candidate for this treatment?

The laser brown spot treatment is used for people with individual age spots or sun spots. It is not used for melasma or freckles.


How many treatments are needed to remove brown spots?

In general, 1 or 2 treatments are needed to remove the spots. Occasionally, darker and larger spots may require additional treatments.

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